Stella McCartney wishes fashion designers received incentives to be green

Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney wishes fashion designers received incentives to encourage them to be greener.

The 48-year-old vegan is one of the leading designers who is making groundbreaking waves in fashion by making her luxury clothes ethical, sustainable and cruelty-free.

However, Stella revealed that she gets heavily taxed for using non-leather goods, and wishes people like her were rewarded rather than penalised for helping the environment.

"(Designers) need to be incentivised. I've been doing this my whole career, but I get penalised when I take a non-leather goods into the United States, I get taxed up to 30 per cent more because it's not made out of leather. We need to give people a reward for doing things better," she told Vogue Australia.

Years of research has enabled Stella to use revolutionary technology and techniques for her clothing and accessories, and work with companies such as biotechnology firm Bolt Threads, which produces fibres engineered from spider silks and Mylo, a mushroom-based leather alternative.

And the mother-of-four wants to educate consumers to be mindful about where their fashion comes from.

"Rayon (also known as viscose) comes from wood pulp. This year alone up to 150 million trees have been cut down to create viscose. It's one of the most widely used fabrics in the fashion industry. I've spent three years of my life trying to find a solution, so we get all of our viscose pulp from a sustainable forest in Sweden," she explained.

"This is the knowledge that I want to bring to my industry. We need to give people the information so they have a more informed way of purchasing and have a better way of buying."

The British designer went on to urge people to give up meat and to think about if they really needed to buy any animal products.

"Giving up meat is the no-brainer. It's scary, we're all terrified and we don't want to feel guilty or bad. We also need to understand the impact of leather and the animal glues that are used in fashion; next time you go to buy a bag or a pair of shoes, just ask yourself if you really need it," she stated.

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