Steam Deck users hear me out; this Acer monitor deal is for you

 Acer KC242Y monitor with Steam Deck on screen.
Acer KC242Y monitor with Steam Deck on screen.

I’ve been a Steam Deck owner for over a year now, and using the handheld with an external display is a game changer. Don’t get me wrong, I love curling up on the couch with a cosy indie game, but pairing the portable with a docking station and external display effectively turns it into a full on desktop PC hybrid. Of course, some of you out there might not actually have a spare screen at your disposal, but I’ve stumbled across an excellent Acer monitor deal that could transform the way you use Valve’s portable powerhouse for less.

Over on Amazon right now, Acer’s KC242Y gaming monitor is down from $119.99 to $89.99, with a nifty 25% discount bringing it down to its lowest price. This 23.8-inch screen may sound entry level considering its 1080p, but its low spec nature is exactly what makes it a great fit for the Steam Deck. Sure, you can hook the handheld up to any screen using a Steam Deck dock, but sticking with a smaller full HD screen is going to help boost fps and keep things from looking too pixelated.

I say the Acer KC242Y is low spec, but this monitor actually packs features you’d normally find in pricer panels. For example, it’s actually 100Hz, so you’ll be able to harness more frames than most alternatives at this price point. It also comes armed with AMD FreeSync support, which is extremely valuable when it comes to combating screen tearing issues.

Acer KC242Y gaming monitor | $119.99 $89.99 at Amazon
Save $20 -  For under $100, you can grab this 1080p display that'll pair nicely with your Steam Deck, and it even comes with a faster than usual 100Hz refresh rate.

Buy if:
✅ You need a monitor specifically for Steam Deck
✅ You're on a budget
✅ You aren't looking for high specs

Don't buy if:
❌ You're planning on using with higher spec PC
❌ You need a bigger screenView Deal

The perfect for a cosy Steam Deck setup

I’ve arguably been watching too much TikTok, but this Acer KC242Y monitor deal is giving me cosy Steam Deck setup ideas. I’m talking about using it as part of a wee cubby within your room, perched on a small surface next to a bean bag, free from the stress of your existing gaming desk or noisy living space.

This is something I’ve been thinking about a lot since testing Verbtaim’s Portable Touchscreen monitor, and while Acer’s screen is pretty much stationary, I reckon it could still be used to achieve a similar cosy Steam Deck setup. For under $100, you’ll get a display that’ll pack specs perfectly matched to the portable PC, and it’s more likely to fit into small spaces. Admittedly, my vision for this screen feels a little niche, but whether you’re looking for a minimalist desktop setup or a TikTok-inspired cosy space, I’m sure you can vibe with the concept.

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