You can now stay in Barbie's Malibu Dreamhouse

Caroline Allen
Did you dream of visiting Barbie's house when you were 7? Well, now you can. [Photo: Airbnb]

Airbnb is the best website for showing us houses we never knew we wanted to stay in.

It’s done it again with the launch of Barbie™’s Malibu Dreamhouse. Remember when you were 10 and and you used to dream of being a Barbie so you could stay in that house? Just us?

Even if we’re alone in wanting to live the Barbie life, you’ll have to agree that the Dreamhouse looks like a very spectacular form of pink funhouse.

Can anybody else see Legally Blonde’s Elle Woods living in this house?

The Dreamhouse will accept bookings from 23rd October. [Photo: Airbnb]

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But wait, there’s a catch.

The Dreamhouse is only available for a one-time stay from 27 - 29 October. It’ll be accepting this one time booking on 23 October at 11am PDT. That’s 3am in the UK.

Sleep > staying in Barbie’s house. Staying there is all of a sudden seeming as impossible as getting Glastonbury tickets and we’re just not sure we’re here for it.

But wait, there’s a waterslide. Oh no, there’s not — Barbie is taking that with her. According to her, she “never travels without her water slide”. Savvy.

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Oh, and we don’t actually know how much this two-night stay is going to cost until the day it opens for bookings.

*Empties life savings just incase*

If you are lucky enough to beat the Hunger Games odds, you won’t have much time to pack your Barbie-approved wardrobe, you’ll be due on the Malibu beachfront just four days after the bookings open.

Barbie isn’t the only one cashing in on her home. Last month, Downton Abbey opened its doors for one night only. For just £150, Highclere Castle pulled out all the stops for a memorable experience.

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