Are you starting off 2022 with a Dry January? Some tips for keeping it interesting

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We've put together a selection of drinks ideas for making your Dry January anything but a dull affair.

After nights of partying for end-of-year celebrations, your mission now, should you choose to accept this Dry January challenge, is to cut down on, if not totally give up alcohol all month long. This public health campaign, which started in the United Kingdom in 2013, raises awareness about the dangers of the overconsumption of alcohol. But going dry doesn't have to take the fizz out of cocktail hour. In fact, it's the perfect opportunity to try some alternatives, which are full of flavor and full of surprises!

Signing up for Dry January to take a break from alcohol certainly doesn't prevent you from following another New Year's resolution to start 2022 on the right foot: a detox program. If you're doing both, then fermented pineapple, flavored birch water, hemp mocktails and fruit juice shots are all tasty alternatives to avoid missing out on cocktail hour.

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Change your thinking on alcohol-free 'spirits'

Presented in beautiful bottles, their formulas are full of subtle flavors and are perfect for using in cocktails. All without containing a single drop of alcohol. These new-generation beverages, which mimic the traits of spirits, excluding the intoxicant, can help you meet the challenge of "Dry January." Based on flowers, verjuice, Indian ginseng or even hemp, their unique distillation processes have made them real contenders in the beverage market.

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Raise a glass to Dry January with these vegan cocktail hour alternatives

In order to keep your cocktail hour from becoming monotonous, we've picked out for you some natural alternatives, ranging from potato milk to mushroom shots to cold-brewed teas as well as some fizzy treats infused with a host of on-trend ingredients.

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