Starfield's level cap appears as infinite as space itself, according to one Bethesda boss

 Starfield gameplay trailer vista
Starfield gameplay trailer vista

Starfield seemingly doesn't have a level cap whatsoever.

Earlier this week at Gamescom 2023, Bethesda publishing head Pete Hines was fielding viewer questions during a livestream on Bethesda's Twitch channel. One viewer asked if there was a level cap in Starfield, to which Hines replied: "I don't believe we have a level cap."

Hines seemingly wasn't 100% sure of the fact, adding "I mean, I don't think we have one, but no one's hit it," referencing everyone playing Starfield at Bethesda and Xbox currently. Considering Hines recently revealed he's put over 165 hours into Starfield, you'd think he would've come close to seeing a level cap by now.

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This might not be as big a change from Bethesda RPGs of the past as you first think. In Skyrim, for example, although there wasn't strictly speaking a level cap, you'd max out all skills at level 81, making levelling past this fairly pointless. With Legendary Skills in the Anniversary Edition, this 'level cap' was raised to a blistering 252.

But still, Skyrim didn't technically have a level cap, just a point where subsequent levels became a little redundant. It could be that Starfield is pulling this same trick, seemingly having infinite player levels but stopping rendering material rewards at a certain point.

Starfield finally launches next month on September 6, or you can get in a few days prior to that on September 1 if you're willing to get in on the Starfield early access train.

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