Starfield mods can include entire planets, so expect the Death Star in no time at all

 Starfield gameplay trailer vista
Starfield gameplay trailer vista

Bethesda publishing boss Pete Hines has been teasing what kind of modding Starfield allows, and it's looking pretty lofty.

As part of an interview with the Bethesda Twitch channel, Hines looks ahead to Starfield's launch with excitement over what the modding community will get up to.

"When you start to think of the kind of communities that come around Bethesda Games Studios games, and putting a tool like that in the hands of people to go, 'how'd you like to make a planet?'" he says. "All of that is going to be off the charts when you start getting a community come in and add all of the different things that they want to bring to it. Build their own stories they want to tell, whatever it is."

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Hines very much has the right of it. Skyrim has largely endured due to the ownership fans have taken over it by adding the new content they fancy seeing, whereas Fallout 4 is no slouch either regarding the sorts of things you can install. Starfield promises vast space players can explore, so we can only imagine what players will do in a quest to fill all that, well, space. We give it a few months before Starfield essentially becomes a Star Wars game, Death Star included.

With Starfield so close to, ahem, launch, other prominent figures from Xbox and Bethesda have also been doing the rounds to talk about the upcoming game. Phil Spencer says Starfield is "more Oblivion than Skyrim," though Todd Howard's not sure everyone will like Starfield's approach to exploration because it's so different from other Bethesda games.

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