This Starfield mod lets you swap the RPG's best yet ugliest armor for a Star Wars reference

 A modded version of a Starfield character walks across the desert.
A modded version of a Starfield character walks across the desert.

There's now a Starfield mod that lets you swap the game's best yet ugliest armor for some Star Wars-themed space gear.

Modders have long been working their magic on Bethesda games, offering players a plethora of ways to spice up the experience. Naturally, the studio's mammoth new space-based RPG is no exception, and thanks to Starfield's subject matter, mods that give the game more of a Star Wars feel are in plentiful supply.

The latest to combine Starfield's universe with Star Wars is Xaroph, with a mod that swaps the "hideous" Mantis armor for "something a lil' more deserving of its stats." Essentially, it replaces the impressive but visually unappealing spacesuit with the much cooler-looking Mandalorian armor. According to the modder, they achieved Mando's look by replacing the Guard armor and Starborrn helmet, which they retextured to give it "more of a bounty hunter feeling."

The Mantis armor is an unpopular choice among Starfield players, but many have opted to stick with it because it's so effective. So, as you might expect, fans are thrilled they've now got the option to explore the galaxy in style and still have access to the perks the Mantis armor provides. "I hate the mantis armor so this is like 100 times better," one Starfield player said on Twitter. Another wrote, "Good. The mantis armor is ugly as hell."

If you fancy trying it out for yourself, the mod, simply dubbed Mandalorian - The Bounty Hunter, is available over on Nexus Mods.

As for the other Star Wars mods, shortly after Starfield's launch, one talented shipbuilder built the Millennium Falcon, Razor Crest, and a mini Star Destroyer. Another took things to the next level with a Star Wars Imperial Destroyer so epic that it lags the game and needs a 21-page how-to guide. And just last week, we saw modders swap police for stormtroopers. At this rate, Starfield will be a full-on Star Wars game in no time.

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