Starfield bug lets you steal one of the best spacesuits in the game


A Starfield player has discovered a bug that lets you swipe one of the game's best spacesuits without any trouble.

Those who have been spending their time in Starfield's early access program may be aware that The Lodge - one of the earliest places you can visit in the main story - has a locked cabinet in the basement displaying a unique spacesuit called the 'Mark I Spacesuit.'

When you first interact with the cabinet, you'll find it's, unfortunately, secured behind a Master lock, meaning players will need to level up their lockpicking skill before obtaining it, which could potentially take hours of playtime. However, one player has discovered a way to obtain the Mark I, and no lock breaking is required (via PCGamer).

User Patrick Maka shared the exploit on his Twitter last night revealing that the spacesuit can be obtained for free by angling your camera just right on the edge of the opening. If you look directly at it through the crack in the door, the option to grab the spacesuit is available, and you don't even have to open the case.

The basement can be pretty dark so you don't really get a full picture of what the spacesuit looks like until you have it equipped. It's a sleek white with red shoulder pads and a matching helmet and can even be upgraded on the workbench so you can keep it equipped for longer as you progress through the game.

Although the spacesuit doesn't have any special buffs or perks attached like other rare finds in the game, it does have some pretty amazing stats for what it's worth, as well as being valued at 35410 credits.

Game journalist Gene Park tested the bug and posted a gameplay clip of it working without any trouble, which you can check out below. Let's hope Bethesda doesn't patch out this exploit, because it's one of the game's more welcome bugs.

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