Starbucks’ New Drinks Are Already Causing Tummy Troubles

Have the antacids ready!

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We’re not too sure what’s been going on at Starbucks lately. The brand we love for a good ol’ pumpkin spice latte or morning egg bite released a couple of new items over the past year that have had many people scratching their heads and, for some, running to the bathroom.

Last year, the coffee chain made headlines when its CEO created an olive oil-infused coffee drink after a trip to Italy. Starbucks’ Oleato coffee slowly rolled out across the country over the past year, and while many have called it “immaculate,” others have said drinking it resulted in a quick trip to the bathroom.

“Half the team tried it yesterday and a few ended up...Needing to use the restroom, if ya know what I mean,” one Redditor wrote.

Then, just last month, Starbucks launched a new spring menu featuring lavender powder in matcha drinks, Frappuccinos, and lattes. Many fans said the florally-inspired beverages “taste like soap” instead of the sweet and subtle lavender flavors they were promised.

Starbucks Introduces Divisive New Spicy Lemonade Refreshers

Even though the lavender spring menu is still available, Starbucks just rolled out a new beverage line that is even more divisive. On April 16, Starbucks released new Spicy Lemonade Refreshers and Spicy Cream Cold Foam; both are made with a spicy chili powder blend.

We all know the sweet and spicy (“swicy”) trend is alive and well in food, so of course, Starbies jumped on board with a Spicy Dragonfruit, Spicy Pineapple, and Spicy Strawberry Refresher—made with sweet fruit and lemonade, plus chili powder.

Some baristas on Reddit have said they like the new drinks and compare them to adding Tajín to fresh fruit, while others have said they don’t taste great because the spice is too overpowering. Of course, taste preferences can vary, but there is one thing many people agree on: the drinks are giving them upset stomachs.

“They make my tummy hurt but they’re good,” wrote one Reddit user.

“Don’t get me wrong I love spicy foods but this drink just ain't it, it hurts my stomach,” wrote another.

Those with stomach issues are saying they experience indigestion after drinking the chili powder-filled drinks. Naturally, we had to know what these spicy concoctions tasted like and if the baristas were exaggerating, so we tried them ourselves. 

We Tried Starbucks' New Spicy Lemonade Refreshers

<p>Bailey Fink</p>

Bailey Fink

We ordered the Spicy Dragonfruit Lemonade Refresher, made with mango, dragonfruit, lemonade, and Starbucks’ special chili powder blend, as well as an iced coffee with the Spicy Cream Cold Foam, created using Starbucks’ classic cold foam and chili powder. Not only did the barista taking our order tell us they didn’t like the drinks, but also the barista making the drink told us they could make us something new if we didn’t like them. So we were already off to a bad start.

With all that said, however, the Spicy Lemonade Refresher is not bad by any means, but it is incredibly spicy. The chili powder hits you in the back of the throat in a burning way that lingers. And, much like the problem we had with the lavender powder, the chili powder doesn’t fully dissolve in the drink, leaving a layer of spice right at the bottom waiting for you. Our editor, Courtney Kassel, compared the spice to Tajín—but, even though she likes Tajín, the combo wasn’t a winner for her.

When it comes to the Spicy Cream Cold Foam, personally, I can’t imagine a beverage order where you would want to add it. It’s basically just spicy heavy cream, which I’m not sure I’d ever try again. I suppose if you’ve wanted your coffee to have a bit of a kick, you might like it. However, it was not for me.

Courtney was hit with a bit of heartburn, but neither one of us experienced any serious indigestion—though, neither of us came close to finishing our spicy drinks, either.

I could see myself maybe going back for the spicy lemonades if I told the barista to tone down the chili powder. Starbucks uses a 2-3-4 rule for its powders—so two scoops for Tall, three scoops for Grande, and four scoops for Venti. If I ordered it again, I’d cut that down by half—or maybe even ask for a single scoop regardless of the size. That way, it won’t be a “punch you in the back of the throat” kind of spice.

All in all, however, I think I’ll probably just stick to my normal Starbucks order until these limited-time featured drinks have come and gone.

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