Starbucks Discontinued This Surprising Healthy Breakfast Staple

It's actually been off the menu for quite a while and no one seemed to notice.

If there’s one thing Starbucks fans dislike, it’s change. Just ask them how they feel about the potential move to nugget ice. But the coffee chain’s recent decision to stop selling bananas is making customers go...bananas!

While it might seem like a small move, customers expressed outrage over the loss of this potassium- and fiber-rich option as they loved grabbing solo bananas for breakfast or an afternoon pick-me-up. But overall, it was one of the healthiest and most affordable options on the menu, ringing in at just a dollar each.

<p>bigacis/Getty Images</p>

bigacis/Getty Images

While Starbucks never announced its move to take bananas off its menu, a company representative told The Take Out that it got rid of frozen and fresh bananas in May of 2022 when it evaluated the store’s menu and found that bananas weren’t selling well.

According to Reddit, Starbucks employees were glad to see them go.

One commenter said: "We get 24, sell 1 or 2, then throw out the rest when they get gross, and then repeat.”

Still looking for a healthy(ish) Starbucks option? Opt for the Rolled and Steel Cut Oatmeal Cups or Berry Trio Parfait. Both are loaded with protein and fiber.

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