Stanly Xu to hold wedding reception on 23 November

19 Nov– Taiwanese singer Stanly Xu recently announced that he will be holding his wedding banquet with wife Yaxi this weekend.

As reported on ET Today, the singer, who registered his marriage in September this year, shared that the reception will be held on 23 November in Songshan District, and will be attended by family and close friends including fellow "One Million Star" alumnus, Aska Yang.

Since announcing his marriage to Yaxi, Stanly often expressed openly about his love for her. On her birthday recently, the singer took to Facebook to express his gratitude for meeting and marrying such a good woman.

He shared that through their relationship, his wife helped him break through a lot of "blind spots" in his thinking and understanding of what a relationship really means.

Referring to how the two of them met, Stanly said that he and Yaxi became acquainted due to a mobile game.

"We were invited by a friend to team up and battle each other on the game. The more we play, the more we interact with each other and became friends. After half a year, we met each other face to face," he said.

The two of them dated for about a year and a half before he popped the question in August and registered their marriage the next month.

(Photo Source: ET Today)