‘Squid Game’ is inspiring some new spooky Halloween costumes

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‘Squid Game’ is inspiring some new spooky Halloween costumes
‘Squid Game’ is inspiring some new spooky Halloween costumes

Netflix’s popular show ‘Squid Game’ is inspiring some new spooky Halloween costumes this year. The green tracksuits, which are one of the most distinguishing features of the series. Those worn by players in the game are gaining popularity quickly. Hot pink/red jumpsuits and masks, similar to those worn by security officers, are also gaining popularity.

The Korean series ‘Squid Game’ has lots of debt-ridden individuals. Likewise, the individuals play video games to win an enormous amount of money as a prize. The series came out on 17 September and has still managed to maintain popularity to date. According to the streaming platform, it is on its way to becoming Netflix’s number one series. It is already in reports that a Korean service provider is making urgent claims for community use charges.

Squid Games
Squid Games

The game starts out similar to our childhood video games with Red Light, Green Light, and Tug of War models, but it quickly becomes difficult as you continue through it. For Halloween, individuals are actually discussing online how they will model their Squid Game outfit. Costume designers were eager to capitalize on the show’s popularity, with dozens of options for practical ‘Squid Game’-inspired looks now available online.

The South Korean series is a violent drama that places fictional people in a scenario of dangerous video games. They must not be evicted and must stay until the end to win a large cash reward that could transform their fortunes. This keeps the individuals motivated enough to play and take all the risks.

The Korean series with its popularity is grabbing headlines and showing the dark reality of humans. Therefore, with Halloween just around the corner, it will definitely be interesting to see how well people carry this Squid Game-inspired costume fad.

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