What Is Spirituality Quotient And Why It Is Important For Your Child

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We often talk about the Intelligence Quotient or IQ of a child. It’s the defacto marker of their smartness and potential as an adult.

However, life is not just about intelligence. It’s divided by other factors including emotions, creativity and spirituality. Each of these help in the holistic development of your little one.

For instance, an Emotional Quotient (EQ) looks at the emotional power of a person, whereas the Creative Quotient (CQ) takes a look at the creativity levels of a child.

Similarly, a Spirituality Quotient (SQ) is necessary for helping your child to be self-aware, insightful and learn about themselves.

A person’s spirituality quotient is not determined by race or religion. Instead, it’s your willpower and mental health that gets affected by spirituality or the lack of it.

Let’s take an example. Your child may score high on IQ but if they are constantly bothered by self-doubt and anxiety, they will never be able to live up to their full potential.

That’s where the spirituality quotient kicks in. It’s about bringing a reassuring belief in yourself as a person.

And once you are secure with who you are and what you are capable of, the better you will be at handling more complex situations in life.

So, what exactly is a Spirituality Quotient and why does your child need it? We answer your concerns below.

What Is Spirituality Quotient?

Spirituality quotient
Spirituality quotient

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Experts state that SQ can be termed as spiritual wisdom. It isn’t based on mystic power or religious inclinations.

Instead, it has to do with our inner self, wellbeing, belief and desires.

Having a strong SQ helps our inner values to steer through peaceful interactions and have a positive outlook towards life.

In a way, you could say that it helps individuals, kids and adults alike, maintain a moral compass.

Some channelise it through religion, which is great, the others can do so via spirituality.

As long as you can differentiate between good and evil, right and wrong, and it gives you the inner motivation to give back to society, you are doing just fine.

What Does Spirituality Quotient Help Us Achieve?

Be it with kids or adults, having a spiritual quotient will help us achieve three major aspects of life. They can be divided into:

  • Happiness: Finding true happiness in pleasant times and in adversity.

  • Responsibility: Learning what you are responsible for in life, which helps you have a vision and goal.

  • Humility: As an accomplished individual, it’s important to stay grounded and that’s something SQ helps you achieve.

Spirituality quotient
Spirituality quotient

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Developing A Spirituality Quotient In Kids

Here’s how parents can encourage their children to increase their SQ from an early age:

  • Introduce the habit of meditation in kids

  • Do not fulfil every materialistic desire in children. Do not address all their wants immediately. Instead, let them understand patience and the importance of every item.

  • Encourage financial discipline in kids from an early age. Make them record their expenditures and let them figure out how to live within limited means.

Having a spirituality quotient from a young age also helps kids achieve personal growth and endeavour in an ethical manner.

This is all the more necessary as ambition can be a powerful emotion and humans can go to great lengths to achieve the same.

While having a drive like that would be commendable, it’s necessary to also understand its repercussions on others in your life and the world at large.

That’s why someone growing their spiritual quotient along with their personal ambition will be more inclined to give back to society and win good health and happiness for all.

Parents need to encourage children to set out a specific time to meditate every day. This particularly can happen at the end of the day when kids can reflect on their deeds.

Here are some of the themes that spiritual intelligence will promote in children:

  • Maintaining love and trust in life

  • Improved self-awareness

  • Imbibing acceptance, curiosity, and love

  • Coming to close to God or a higher power

  • Clarity in intention, ambition coupled with wisdom and compassion

Spirituality quotient
Spirituality quotient

Image Source: Pexels

5 Ways To Foster Spirituality In Children

Here are five ways how you can help and support children in fostering spiritual intelligence:

  1. Encourage them to observe: Encourage children to observe and expand their perceptions about different aspects of life

  2. Discuss Their observations: Speak to children freely and understand what their thoughts and feelings about different aspects are like. Do not judge them for it but create an environment where the child feels comfortable speaking to you about their concerns.

  3. Share your own insights: Use this as an opportunity to share your own experiences and learnings about life and situations that will help your child grow personally. Citing examples from your own life would also help them connect with you and learn about different things.

  4. Encourage their talents: Let your child follow what they love and their inner talent in the most constructive ways.

  5. Spend more time with nature: Spirituality comes from the world and everything natural. So, spend more time in nature between living beings and that will give you a more real sense of unity and peace, especially when you live in a concrete jungle.


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