Spider-Man spin-offs still planned says Sony Pictures chairman

News regarding Sony’s planned ‘Spider-Man’ spin-off movies will arrive “before too long” according to Sony Pictures chairman Tom Rothman.

Sony’s plans for an extended Spidey universe were set back when the studio struck a deal to reboot 'Spider-Man’ as part of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe.


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Speaking to Collider, Rothman said: “We’re working on lots of that stuff [spin-offs] and there’s a concerted effort now. I think there will be real news, as opposed to speculative news, before too long.”

Sony had planned a handful of spin-offs for the last, ill-fated iteration of Spidey films helmed by Marc Webb and starring Andrew Garfield. Venom and the Sinister Six were set to star in their own films, but Sony have been quiet about plans since the Marvel deal.

Any spin-offs would figure into the same MCU, and so will need to be run past the enormous and enormously-successful Marvel machine before announcements were made.

Whatever Sony has planned would, at the earliest, appear as part of the MCU’s Phase Four. The same goes for sequels to the upcoming reboot 'Spider-Man: Homecoming’, which stars Tom Holland as the web-slinger.

'Spider-Man: Homecoming’ is set for release on 7 July 2017.

Picture Credits: Sony Pictures