Spider-Man spin-off Venom could be R-Rated

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Can Venom launch a cinematic universe? - Credit: Marvel
Can Venom launch a cinematic universe? – Credit: Marvel

It looks as though ‘Venom’ is still in the works…

And it could end up being an R-Rated comic book movie.

According to Collider, the folks at Sony have decided to take a leaf out of ‘Logan’s book, with the upcoming ‘Venom’ spin-off heading for a R-Rating.

“We’re hearing that Sony is developing Venom not only as the film to launch their own Marvel Universe, but as an R-rated effort,” they revealed. But could it really happen?

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The ‘Venom’ movie has been in the pipeline for a long time – since before Marvel and Sony’s joint efforts to bring Spider-Man to the big screen as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

I’ll be honest – I’d forgotten all about the movie. But with a recently announced release date, it looks as though Sony definitely hasn’t.

That said, can ‘Venom’ really launch a Spider-Man universe all on its own?

Venom's previous big-screen incarnation - Credit: Sony
Venom’s previous big-screen incarnation – Credit: Sony

“Let’s be clear: Sony’s Marvel Universe will not be connected to the MCU in any way,” they revealed. “The planned Venom and Black Cat and Silver Sable films are all part of Sony’s own shared universe, not spin-offs of any existing films.”

What does this mean? Well, it sounds as though Venom won’t be interacting with the MCU.

And that makes things a little more troublesome.

Essentially, it sounds as though Sony is seeking to forge ahead with its own Spider-verse despite bringing Spider-Man into the MCU. And with a supposedly R-Rated title to launch this universe, you have to wonder where the target audience is going to be.

Clearly, Sony wants to cash in on the success of ‘Deadpool’ and ‘Logan’.

But will ‘Venom’ be the film to do it?

For now, we’ll have to wait and see… but I’m really not convinced.

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