Spice up your home time with these erotic podcasts

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Erotic podcasts can heat up long winter nights, especially when lockdowns loom.
Erotic podcasts can heat up long winter nights, especially when lockdowns loom.

Cold weather plus pandemic-related restrictions inevitably means spending more time in bed. Sleeping? Well, that's up to you. But if you fancy turning up the heat between the sheets, there are plenty of podcasts out there to help spice things up, whether you're going solo or getting busy with a partner. Here are three erotic podcasts for a steamy winter at home.

Erotic Audio by AudioDesires.com
This upfront podcast cuts to the chase, plunging listeners straight into the action in a matter of seconds. With no time for pussyfooting around, you very quickly get to the juiciest bits of the story -- or fantasy -- being told by the narrator. Listeners can choose between a male or female narrator -- or both -- and listen with or without various added -- ahem -- noises. And why not, seeing as that's what you came for, right? The advantage is that the format is quite short, with narrated scenarios lasting from around six minutes to nearer 10 minutes for longer editions. Popular episodes include "I Might be Your Boss," "Phone Sex," "Anal Adventure" and "Hot Sauna." In fact, there are enough episodes of this podcast to keep you going all through lockdown.

Part mindfulness, part jerk-off instructions, this podcast is aimed principally at women looking for some solo action. That's the concept, in any case, although you're free to use it exactly how you like. Started by Olympe de G. and Lélé O, this podcast invites listeners to join "guided masturbation sessions imagined specially for your vulva, vagina, labia, clitoris and for your wild imagination." Episodes come in various formats, from around four minutes to almost 19 minutes, with some available in French and English. Episodes currently available in English include "The Hands" and "Romance After Work."

Sex with Strangers: A Grown Folks Podcast
Although this isn't strictly an erotic podcast , most episodes have plenty to offer when it comes to spicing up your mood. Hosts Cii, Jaxon and Juice cover a range of subjects with their guests, such as dating, relationships and sex, and with plenty of humor thrown in for good measure. When it comes to the format, you'll need to go the distance, as some conversations can last for over two hours. Check out episodes such as "A Good Fingering," "The Birds and the Bees" and "Sex Is Not A Gift… Still."