Sound Body With a Sound Mind, Introducing Wayne Evans

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A healthy body has many benefits. It enables a person to perform at their best in every situation. Not only does it affects the body physically, but it has a positive impact on one's mental health. Physically fit people tend to think ten times faster than others. Their mind is comparatively active and more responsive. Such people tend to achieve success in their careers as all of their senses work in full capacity to give the best possible outcome. One example is Wayne Evans, who has taken complete advantage of his passion for fitness and has grown into a successful master's athlete and entrepreneur.

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Wayne Evans is an athlete who discovered his love for sports at an early age with an athletic father and three older brothers who were also competitive athletes. Wayne did not limit himself to just being an athlete. Instead, he turned his love for sports and fitness into co-founding a successful business. Evans, who is a Crossfit Games athlete and four-time Crossfit regional masters qualifier, co-owns "Massage Heights" with his wife, Shane. He has always supported the idea of versatility, which is evident in his growth.

Aligning Goals from the Beginning

Wayne Evans was born on July 1st, 1960, in Seguin in Texas. His love for sports was evident since his childhood, as he belonged to a family of athletes. Being the youngest of four brothers, he had a lot to live up to, which made him want to be the best. To fulfill his dreams, he involved himself in various sports activities. As a kid, he always looked up to Katlyn Jenner (Bruce Jenner), who was an Olympic gold medalist in the Decathlon in 1976. Evans played Football, Basketball, Track and Field, and Baseball in high school. He was a high school State Champion Pole Vaulter and completed his Bachelor's of Science Degree in 1985 from Texas State University. He was awarded a Collegiate Track and Field Scholarship (Pole Vault) and also competed in the Decathlon.

Evans began his professional career as a school teacher and coach. He worked in the health club industry for 14 years and trained San Antonio Spurs shooting guard Willy Anderson. As he was still away from his dream of becoming an athlete, in 2010, Wayne decided that he should take his passion a level higher and joined Crossfit. Although he was finally on the right track, his decision to join the athlete industry in middle age set the bars high. Despite the fact that he was competing with men half his age, Evans never lowered his spirits. Instead, he took this as a challenge and trained himself to be the best. His strengths in Crossfit lay in gymnastics, bodyweight movements, and barbell movements. After years of rigorous training and competing in 2012, he first appeared in a sanctioned Crossfit competition. Although he did not finish among the top athletes, he did not lose focus and determination. Evans did not felt defeated. Losing strengthens a person's will to perform even better, and this was exactly what he did. His Crossfit training regiment involves working out five days a week, consisting of high-intensity varied functional movements. After continued years of training, Wayne finally made it to the top ranks in 2015, where he finished 11th in the worldwide Crossfit Open in the Master's Men (55-60) category. Achieving this rank was proof that hard work always pays off.

More Than an Athlete

Other than being a passionate athlete, he is an immensely supportive husband and father. Having a fit body has allowed him to maintain an equilibrium between personal and professional life. As his day begins with the dawn, this family-oriented man has plenty of time to give to his training and his loved ones. In 2004, Wayne and his wife, Shane Evans, laid the foundation with a single Massage Retreat in San Antonio, Texas. He assisted Shane with her responsibilities and shared the load with her. With consistent, continuing effort and teamwork, the couple made their venture a successful one. Today, they own 112 locations throughout U.S. and Canada under their brand, Massage Heights.

Wayne Evans, a man of dignity and high spirits, who knows how to achieve his dreams, is an inspiration for many. He completely oversaw his age facto and secured a position as the 11th Master Men in the worldwide Crossfit Open. Currently residing in Texas with his family, Evans intends to continue training and working and making his way to the top of the fitness industry.

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