Sorry, Will Smith: 'Deadpool' Star Ryan Reynolds Has No Idea Who Deadshot Is

Marcus Errico
Editor-in-Chief, Yahoo Entertainment

Ryan Reynolds at Comic-Con

Ryan Reynolds blew away Comic-Con on Saturday night with a Deadpool trailer that left fans screaming for more. In the Marvel-based movie from 20th Century Fox, Reynolds stars as the “Merc with a Mouth,” an unhinged killing machine in a distinctive red costume.

Deadpool ready for action

Meanwhile, earlier in the day, Will Smith received an anti-hero’s welcome when he took the stage for a sneak peek at Suicide Squad. The Warner Bros. adaptation of the DC comic will feature Smith as Deadshot, “the man who cannot miss,” a ruthless assassin who also sports a red-hued costume.

Deadshot suited up

While most comic-book nerd debate has centered around Deadpool vs. another DC character called Deathstroke, fanboys have also happily engaged in several rounds of the “who would win” game between Deadpool and Deadshot. We figured with Smith and Reynolds known for their jocularity and amped-up boosterism for their respective films (both of which will hit theaters next year), there might be a budding rivalry between the actors over whose character is the most kick-ass. Or at least we could get one started.

So before his triumphant panel appearance on Saturday, we asked Reynolds the obvious: Who would win, Deadpool or Deadshot? We thought we’d get some good smack talk from the always-game Reynolds. Boy, were we wrong.

“Who’s Deadshot? I’m really not familiar with that character,” Reynolds said, quite sincerely. “Sorry, I just don’t know who that is.”

Oof. Looks like this battle is over before it could get started.

Watch Reynolds meet Deadpool cosplayers: