Sorry to the Viscount, but Simone Ashley and Her Newly Hard-Launched Boyfriend Are Extremely Cute

netflix 2023 bafta awards party
Casually Wondering Who Simone Ashley Is Dating? 👀David M. Benett - Getty Images

The list of romances that trump everything going on in the horny ton of Bridgerton is extremely short (nothing beats the viscount and Kate Sharma), but this is officially your PSA that Simone Ashley has a super-sweet IRL romance. And they went public only a few months ago!

Simone is dating Constantin “Tino” Klein, which she confirmed on Instagram by sharing a throwback photo of them cuddling at the BAFTAs after-party in London, calling it one of her “favorite photos.”

To be clear, though, real fans have known about this relationship for a while now thanks to sleuthing. And, ya know, the fact that the month before Simone dropped that ^ pic ^, they attended the BAFTAs and took this cute photo:

netflix 2023 bafta awards party
David M. Benett - Getty Images

So, whomst is this man? Here’s everything you need to know about Simone Ashley’s boyfriend Tino.

Simone and Tino Met at the Grand Prix

She confirmed as much to Vogue UK back in November last year, saying they met in May 2022. “I’m very happy. We haven’t gone public yet and we’re having those conversations about how we can get there before anyone else does.”

Simone also mentioned they haven’t moved in together, adding, “I’d like to but, you know, one day….”

He’s Been Cryptically Lurking on Her Insta for a Minute

Like, when she wished him a happy birthday and called him the “best person”:

Plus, they’ve been low-key attending events together and Simone officially soft-launched Tino in December 2022 amid some snowy vacation photos:

Tino Is a Former Lawyer

At least according to his LinkedIn, which is all kinds of impressive. While he doesn’t work in law anymore, Tino got his bachelor of laws at King’s College in London and then got a master of laws from Queen Mary University—which we can all agree sounds very fancy. He worked as a corporate lawyer until 2019 before pivoting careers. Which brings us to…

He’s a Casual Racing CEO

Tino was most recently the CEO of GP Ice Race, which appears to be a winter car race? Here he is chatting about it (and a bit about his mom!) to Highsnobiety:

“Having come to Ice Race for two years as a paying visitor and now being part of the team, one of the things that stayed constant throughout is there is nothing in the world at that time of year, regardless of cars and cool stuff, that once someone has seen, been, or even heard about it got them as excited as this. My mother is a professor, an academic, and she does not care for cars. She is literally the antithesis of a petrol-head or someone who considers cars cultural icons or who would even care to go to a motorsport event. This year, we did the taxi lap together with a 1932 Bugatti Type 51 and she was the happiest child I’ve ever seen. The same mother who, when she was in a Taycan, was like, ‘We’re gonna crash and we’re gonna die’ and ‘This is horrible.’ And I was going super slowly, sat in a car without seat belts, without a roof, without anything, and got out of it and she was just glowing. You know, that really is the best way I can explain it. It’s like, it grabs you. It grabbed me when I first came and I think it continues to do that for people who come and visit.”

Sounds like Tino and Simone are getting serious, so here’s to hoping he makes an appearance with her on the Bridgerton season 3 red carpet (whenever Netflix decides to renew it, she said in her most passive-aggressive tone).

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