Sophie Turner just got super real about her relationship with Joe Jonas

Alim Kheraj
Sophie Turner just got super real about her relationship with Joe Jonas

Speaking for could be the first time about her relationship, Sophie Turner discussed what attracted her to Joe Jonas, and it’s actually super real.

Sitting down with InStyle, the Game of Thrones star admitted that, when it comes to her love life, she prefers to keep things private, but did speak about why, in part, she found it so easy to get on with the DNCE singer.

Of course, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner have been dating for a while now, with the pair linked as far back as last year. They have since (semi) made their relationship Insta official, and have been spotted adorably holding hands coming in and out of the airport. Indeed, Sophie has even shared pics of Joe on her Insta.

Speaking to InStyle, the 21-year-old actor opened up about her relationship, and got pretty real about it all.

The star said that part of why she feels like her relationship with Joe works is because they both understand what it’s like being in the spotlight.

“I found it easier to date someone who understands the industry or is in that world,” she said.

“You realize that you’re not going to see each other all the time. And you don’t feel like a jerk when you’re like, ‘My publicist says I can’t do this … ’”

Tbh, we totally get this. Having the schedule of a popstar trying to line-up with the schedule of an actor must be really tricky to navigate, and we’re sure that it takes someone who understands the nature of your career wholeheartedly to make things work.

In the same interview, the actor also spoke about her friendship with fellow Game of Thrones star, Maisie Williams.

“To have someone who understands what you’re going through, who’s the same age, who came from pretty much the same background—that is so rare,” she said about her BFF. “And we’ve had the same struggles in terms of dealing with body image and puberty and growing up in the public eye. But I found my strength in her, and I think she found her strength in me.”

Meanwhile, Sophie (and Maisie) are returning to Westeros for the the seventh season of Game of Thrones. The popular fantasy TV show is set to premiere on HBO on July 16th.