Will you soon be charging your laptop wirelessly?

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Lonovo's wireless charging kit includes a charging receiver to plug into your computer via USB.

Lenovo, the top-selling brand of PCs throughout the world, is launching an original wireless charging kit for laptops. The kit allows for computers to be recharged automatically when placed on the mat. This solution should be available commercially next fall.

Lenovo has unveiled a very original kit, the Go Wireless Charging Kit, consisting of a charging receiver to be plugged into USB on a computer and a special mat to be placed under the device. This mat will have to be connected to the mains via a 45 to 65 watt charger for it to work properly. Then, each time the computer is placed on it and its receiver is activated, it will automatically recharge.

According to Lenovo, this system could charge most non-touch 13- or 14-inch laptops (running Windows or macOS). Note that it does not use the popular Qi standard, but the "Power by Contact" wireless charging technology from French startup Energysquare.

While wireless charging for smartphones and various other connected objects is becoming increasingly popular, no such solution has yet been developed on a large scale for computers. Lenovo's initiative would offer users great freedom of movement and especially an unprecedented autonomy in a workspace and/or at home.

This kit is part of a new range of accessories labeled "Go". It should be available starting this fall for US$139.99.

David Bénard

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