You will soon be able to teach Google Assistant to recognize complicated names

·1-min read
Google would like mobile users to be able to converse in a more natural way with its virtual assistant.

In order for users to be better understood by its intelligent assistant, Google will soon deploy a new feature allowing it to "learn" to recognize certain people or certain unique or complicated names. The goal is for it to perfectly understand and pronounce these names in the future. Complex terms or names of contacts are also concerned.

Perhaps you speak with an accent. And of course some names are more complicated than others. All of which adds up to the fact that communication between humans is not always easy. When it comes to interacting with a virtual assistant, it is even more complex.

In the next few days, it will be possible, starting in English, to help Google Assistant recognize and pronounce certain names. In fact, the assistant will attempt to recognize the pronunciation of these names in the future in order to not confuse them with others. Other languages should follow later this year.

The idea, in the long run, is to be able to have the most natural conversation possible with Google's virtual assistant. Google offers a simple example. If you have just mentioned the city of Miami and then you need to make a request, such as "show me the nicest beaches," the assistant will understand that you want to see the most beautiful beaches in Miami. There is still a long way to go before these "conversations" are crystal clear, but Google is working on it, day after day.

David Bénard