Sony's 16K screen designed for cinemas to launch in residential configurations

Sony's modular Crystal LED display system will be available for residential installation

Sony made an appearance at the CEDIA Expo 2019 this week and announced that the Crystal LED displays introduced earlier this year will be available for consumer homes.

Earlier this year, Sony introduced a 16K LED display system originally targeting commercial and entertainment venues due to its extreme size -- 63 feet wide -- and steep price point. On Thursday, the company announced that the configurable system is now available for customer homes. 

The technology's modularity allows the screen size, aspect ratio, and resolution -- from 8K to 16K -- to be customized based on an individual's home theater expectations. To have an HD experience, users can combine 18 units of the system to create an 8ft by 4ft screen. To achieve 4K, 8K, and 16K displays, owners will need 72, 288, and 576 units, respectively.

Such a resolution is produced using ultra-fine micro-LEDs which are half the width of a human hair.

A 4K configuration of the Crystal LED display system will be on display at CEDIA Expo 2019 until the event concludes tomorrow.

Thus far, Sony has not disclosed the price of a single unit of this technology. If TechHive's estimate of $10,000 per module is accurate, achieving a 16K resolution screen would cost well over $5 million.