Sony is "investigating" a report all of its systems have been hacked

 PlayStation Project Q.
PlayStation Project Q.

After a report claimed a ransomware group had breached all of Sony's systems, the company is now investigating.

Earlier this week, Cyber Security Connect reported that a ransomware group claimed to have breached Sony's systems. The group, calling itself ',' alleges to have hacked "all of Sony's systems" and claims that Sony refuses to negotiate with them, so it will now be selling the data later this week.

The outlet notes that has posted a "file tree" of the entire leak, which basically shows off the total number of files accumulated from the hack, without divulging what they contain. According to Cyber Security Connect, the total number of files is below 6,000, which is apparently considerably low for a group claiming to have breached every single one of Sony's systems.

Now, Sony has told IGN in a statement that it's looking into the matter. "We are currently investigating the situation, and we have no further comment at this time" was all the company had to say., meanwhile, is threatening to post all the data from the hack online by September 28 if no buyer is found by then, although it hasn't publicly posted a fee for the data.

At the time of writing, Sony's consumer-facing services, including the PlayStation Network, Sony Support, and more, are all operating as normal. Here's hoping this doesn't go the way of the infamous 2011 Sony hack, where the PSN remained offline for multiple months despite game launches, and was a serious headache for everyone involved, to say the least.

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