Sonia Sui expresses ire over holidaymakers bringing pandemic back

20 Mar – Sonia Sui recently took to social media to express her frustration over people going on vacations despite the severity of the pandemic.

As reported on China Times, the Taiwanese actress recently took to Facebook to express her ire, following the government's announcement that eight new cases were discovered involving people who returned from overseas - making the total number of infected people in Taiwan to 67.

"The country is working very hard to prevent the virus from entering the country. How can people be so selfish as to turn a blind eye?" she wrote.

Sonia also urged everybody to appreciate the government's effort and consider the safety of the frontline workers as well as other citizens.

Her post received a lot of support from netizens, who also expressed their anger towards the people who has no common sense to practice social distancing.

(Photo Source: Sonia Sui Instagram)