These solar-powered wireless headphones could put an end to your charging hassles

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The Urbanista Los Angeles charges up automatically when it comes into contact with light.

Swedish manufacturer Urbanista has introduced the very first wireless headphones with active noise reduction capable of charging up automatically thanks to solar energy. Named Los Angeles, this headset offers a theoretically infinite battery life.

Using integrated technology, these headphones convert all forms of light, outdoor and indoor, natural or artificial, into energy. This is the case both when they are being worn and when they're put down but still exposed to light. The manufacturer promises a virtually unlimited listening time thanks to the solar charge. On average, two hours of exposure to the outside would correspond to one hour of additional playtime. If necessary, the headphones can obviously also be charged in a more traditional way.

The headphones are covered with solar cells developed by the startup Exeger. In fact, the headphones convert any form of light into clean energy. This technology can theoretically be seamlessly integrated into any design and other types of electronic devices.

In addition to its automatic solar charging, the headphones feature a system for reducing unwanted background noise, which can be turned on and off with a single button. As for the rest, the Los Angeles is a Bluetooth 5.0 compatible wireless headset that works with Siri and Google Assistant. It is currently available for pre-order for 199 dollars.

David Bénard

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