Up your social media game to earn a free stay at this Japan hotel

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Obsessed with getting more likes and followers on your social media sites? Well, your obsession could just pay off with this special campaign by a resort hotel called The Scene in Amami Islands, Japan!

All you need to do is to upload a photo of your stay in that hotel on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, and every follower you have and every like earned is a ¥1 discount. For example, if you have 10,000 followers at the time of reservation and you received 2,000 likes during checkout, you can get a total of ¥12,000 (about S$140) off your stay!

Some Japanese netizens have expressed disbelief about this Follower Discount campaign, while others thought it is an intelligent and interesting marketing method. Essentially, The Scene is paying their hotel guests, or in other words giving them discounts, to advertise for the hotel.

The Scene recently welcomed their first guest of this campaign.

According to the person-in-charge, you can even add up all your followers across the three sites, and multiple posts on your stay are allowed. This means that if you post 100 times and each post gets 100 likes, you can redeem a discount of ¥10,000. However, the discount is only applicable to the accommodation fee. Yoga classes and other body care services are not included in the campaign.

The Scene revealed that since the campaign started last month, they have received 70 reservations, among which are people who already are eligible for as much as a ¥300,000 (about S$3,500) discount. And who is to say this discount will not multiply at the time of checkout?

Rather than letting its rooms sit there empty, The Scene sees merit in their hotel guests using the social media sites to get the word out, especially during the winter low period. To top it off, The Scene boasts fantastic views of the sea and starry skies from their rooms.

The campaign runs till 28 February 2018.

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