It's a snip! Get busy with this DIY papercraft artwork

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Indie Cat is a three-dimensional paper sculpture that everyone can recreate at home!

Not everyone can afford to have works of art at home, except, perhaps, when the artist makes their manufacturing secrets available at a bargain price -- a rare occurrence in the design world. A Russian artist is selling a PDF template for his three-dimensional papercraft sculpture in the form of a cat... but budding artists will have to assemble it themselves.

From whales to bears to sharks, three-dimensional decorative objects made of paper have been adorning our home interiors for some time. But as well as being popular trinkets, papercraft creations can also be works of art. To make his cat-shaped paper sculpture, designer Marat Zalyaev needed two months and 50 sheets of A3. And his "Indie Cat" sculpture is a creation that's made up of several segments, each giving life to a part of the feline. The cat is five meters long and comprises 18 sections and 36 legs.

Beyond its dimensions, the creation is especially impressive since it's now effectively within everyone's reach! The Russian artist sells the PDF template for his work on a dedicated website . For $19, you get the PDF files necessary to build your own paper kitty. You just have to cut the edges, then fold and glue them. What are you waiting for?

The paper sculpture is customizable too, from the type of paper to the printing scale. And if you really get carried away, your sculpture could end up 100 meters long, warns the designer. Let's hope that your home is big enough!

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