Snack attack: New local brand Pok Pok shifts the spotlight from fish to chicken skin

The a-pok-calypse is here, declares Pok Pok Chicken Skin, a new homegrown start-up and the latest to jump on board the snack train. Fish skin is so yesteryear, according to the brand, as it attempts to shift the spotlight instead to chooks.

Founded by Singapore resident Collin She, who hails originally from KL, the concept comes from his fond memories of chicken skin snacks from pasar malams. And the 30-year-old’s story is a familiar one, having left the confines of an executive job as an oil trader to start his own company.

There’s just one flavor of crackling chicken skin for now — original, shaken with pepper and salt — but we won’t be surprised if more options appear in the coming months as snack fiends get wind of the new product.

Photo: Coconuts Media
Photo: Coconuts Media

Granted, we’ve got several eateries across the country already serving crispy chicken skin as bar snacks and appetizers, but if you’d rather munch in front of your TV, the packs will set you back $8.50 per 100g. (Yeah, they’re a little pricier than those at pasar malams, but you pay for the sweet packaging, we suppose.)

The online store won’t be ready till August, so Pok Pok will debut on June 17 with pop-ups at Raffles Xchange and Suntec City before going islandwide.


Pok Pok is available from June 17-21 & 24-28 at Raffles Xchange B1 (opposite Love Luxury); July 1-12 at Suntec City B1 (opposite Crystal Jade); and Aug onwards online.

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