Will Smith 'encounters' rogue turkey during Thanksgiving food run

Will Smith

Will Smith has documented a hilarious encounter with a rogue turkey while heading out to shop for Thanksgiving dinner supplies.

On Thursday, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air star took to Instagram to share the clip, as he was stopped on the road by an unexpected holiday roadblock - a turkey.

Will was driving down a busy highway, and came to a complete standstill with the bird right in the middle of his lane.

"Why did the turkey cross the road? No really... why did he do this?!" he captioned the video. "I'm trying to get the fam' some pies!"

Joking about the surprise roadblock, Will said as he filmed the incident: "It definitely must be Thanksgiving when you got a damn turkey in the road."

"My dude, get out the street! He must've escaped," the 51-year-old laughed.

The video wrapped as Will honked his horn repeatedly as he attempted to get the turkey to move, yelling, "Get out the street, man!" before turning the camera onto himself to show fans his stress as the animal kept standing in his way.

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