The smart gardens taking over apartment interiors

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Gardyn's smart garden solutions bring indoor gardening home.

A company called Gardyn is offering a means of growing vegetable gardens inside your home thanks to an intelligent system involving cameras and artificial intelligence. This garden concept could well reconcile those who don't have greens thumbs -- or who are short on outdoor space -- with the art of gardening.

With Gardyn, you'll no longer have any excuse for letting your plants die! Here, there's no need to worry about lighting or watering, as "Kelby" the computer assistant takes care of everything! Indeed, Gardyn promises an intelligent indoor garden for growing plants in the best possible conditions -- without soil, without insects, but with the help of cameras and an application ready to advise you. This hydroponic system is soil-free but uses nutrient solutions to grow a variety of fresh and organic vegetables. The whole automated system costs $800, on top of which users can add a subscription to receive monthly supplies.

Designed for people who don't have outdoor space, or simply for those who have a questionable relationship with plants, this smart garden is an indoor solution for growing vegetables, unlike other products on the market, which usually only offer herbs like basil or rosemary.

This indoor garden is monitored by cameras that observe your plants to analyze their needs. Artificial intelligence then takes over to recognize any problems encountered and propose solutions, thanks to sensors present in the system's different capsules.

Gardyn's system can hold 30 plants. At the start, seeds are contained in small capsules called "yCubes," which fit into slots located along the vertical columns of the structure to create the smart garden. At the base of this structure, a tank contains the water necessary to grow the plants. Water circulates thanks to a pump, taking it to the seeds and plants in the structure. To provide light, light poles face the plants, giving them the necessary dose of light for their development.

Gardening made easy

The garden is controlled and managed via the accompanying mobile app. In addition to the app, the device only requires a power socket and a Wi-Fi connection. In the end, it's as simple as plugging it in, filling the water tank and checking for alerts on the app.

While sensors automatically take care of much of the daily needs of the plants, you still need to keep an eye on them to prevent the garden getting overgrown. Gardyn offers 20 different varieties of produce, all organic and sourced in the United States. You can't grow root vegetables like carrots or onions, but anything that grows above ground can be incorporated.

The concept of a smart garden is not new, but the pandemic has spurred growing interest in this new possibility. Producing your own food to reconnect with nature and obtain fresh produce is becoming increasingly attractive to some parts of the population. And thanks to these new devices, even the least gifted in the garden could soon have a flourishing crop of home-grown food.

Axel Barre

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