Is a smart barbecue better than a regular one?

·1-min read
Weber has a line of intelligent barbecues.

American barbecue manufacturer Weber has added connected gas grill models to its catalog this year. This means, among other things, that it is possible to remotely control the cooking of one's food and to be notified as soon as it is perfectly cooked and ready to be served.

These new Weber gas grills are in the Genesis lineups, which integrate a WiFi connection.

With a dedicated application, it becomes possible to safely move away from the barbecue. No more need to keep an eye on the cooking of your meats at all times. Whether it is the remaining cooking time or the temperature of the food, all these indications are available on your smartphone thanks to notifications, which prompt you to turn over your meat or to serve it. Note that the application also offers a range of recipes to make your barbecue a success.

David Bénard