SM Entertainment denies EXO's involvement in chatroom scandal

14 Mar – K-pop giant SM Entertainment has recently released a statement denying rumours that members of EXO have been involved in the scandal involving singer Jung Joon Young's controversial chatroom.

As reported on UPI, the statement, which was published on 13 March, read, "Hi. This is SM Entertainment. The contents about our artistes, which are currently being circulated online, are found to be unsubstantiated rumours. The spread of this false information are severely damaging the reputation of artistes and our company.

"This is to inform you that we will take legal action against the people who have been participating in these illegal acts (including creation, publication, and dissemination of the rumours). We will continue to take strong legal action against such malicious rumors in the future. We hope that the fans will continue to actively report them to us. Thank you."

The issue sparked earlier this week, when "2 Days 1 Night" star Jung Joon-young was booked for illegally circulating hidden camera footage. The singer reportedly filmed sex acts with unsuspecting victims and shared the footage with members of the chatroom.

The chatroom has been linked to several celebrities, including BIG BANG's Seungri - who had since announced his retirement from showbiz.

(Photo Source: Billboard)