Slater Young and Kryz Uy to welcome first child

Heidi Hsia

3 Dec– Slater Young and wife Kryz Uy recently announced that they are having a baby.

As reported on ABS-CBN News, the model shared the good news on social media, writing, "Secret's out! This is it!"

The post came after his vlogger wife shared a video to announce the pregnancy.

The video started with Uy opening a pregnancy test, and waited as the stick showed the result. She could also be heard gasping with happiness, before turning to the camera and whispered, "I'm pregnant... I'm pregnant, guys!".

She then revealed that she was in Manila by herself and feeling emotional about it.

Uy said that she was late on her period for two or three days and had been feeling very tired and irritable, but was convinced by her husband that it must have been due to the fact that she has been stressed and not been working out due to her busy schedule.

However, realising that she has also been very hungry most of the time, Uy decided to do a search on Google and suspected that it could be a pregnancy.

She later stated that she would think of a way to surprise Young with the news.

In the same video, but recorded a few months later when she was in her second trimester, Uy revealed how she surprised Young with the news, saying that she took the pregnancy test home and wrapped it up before giving it to him.

In a clip of the said surprise, Uy can be seen taking out the wrapped gift for Young, who thought it was a bracelet at first.

The model then exclaimed, "Are you pregnant?" and immediately hugged Uy and told her that she has to see a doctor.

When asked how he felt in a later interview with Uy, the "Pinoy Big Brother" alumnus expressed, "I feel excited, I feel nervous, and I feel very motivated... to grow as a person, because we're also going to raise a person."

This will be the couple's first baby since they tied the knot in Cebu City in February.

(Photo Source: Slater Young Instagram)