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Rewards & Awards are something that everyone loves and aspires for. You tend to work harder when you get to know that, you are amongst the top-quality professionals in the race. We all have noticed that, when the competition gets intense and tougher, the winning matters to an infinite level, and you get satisfied with the intent.

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In the recently concluded Contact Centre Digital Summit that took place on 13th August 2021, there was an instance where something beyond expectations happened. With more than 100 companies being a part of such an event, the gameplay and actions were all set to glorify its attributes. The jury & the speaker panel consisted of Marc Carriere (Course Creator - Australia Marketing Tactics), Abidali Dossa (Founder -Transformance Forums) Sikander Ahmed (Country Head – Standard Chartered bank), Vinay Kanchi (Vice President – Contact Centre Business Fare Portal), Nitin Jain (Head of Customer Experience – India, Middle East & Africa), Nanda Gopal (Senior Director – Ninja Kart), Lori Pon (Director – The Auto Club Group), Anish Ahuja (Vice President – Whirlpool). These were some of the eminent personalities who filled the jury and the speaker panel stage before whom there was a business to do.

Amongst other contenders, there was a name that created curiosity in the minds of the audience. He was none other than Sachin Hosabettu, who had kept everyone apart while winning this prestigious award. He received two awards of ‘Disruptive Contact Centre Leader in Sales’ & ‘Contact Centre Leader in Sales’ that morning. We did some research where we found that being a go-getter, he had multiple awards already under his belt in the past.

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Awaiting no time, we reached out to him to get an understanding of his thought process and work culture story that has made him such a renowned personality.

How did your journey flourish?

Well, my work journey has consisted of 18+ long years with adventures that have helped me grinding my way to the set target. My parents and my brother have been great sources of inspiration.

I started working in a BPO long back in 2002 when no one knew the concept of a call centre. I regularly worked graveyard shifts from 12 am – 8 am. This was the time people were joining call centres just to earn money without any objective to grow.

My dedication, hard work, and intense attitude attributes were flying with bright colours, colouring my company with recognition and profits margins. I still remember, people used to call me, ‘Call Centre Wala’, and I did not mind that because I knew whatever you do in life has a return policy. No one would know what it means to work in an international BPO where interacting with different country people in their languages, learning work-life aspects, and understanding every country’s work culture is a very big deal.

I also came across an instance where I sold credit cards and this change made me realize my marketing skills. Eventually, I learned some expert sales attributes and tricks of the trade. This excelled me in my work and got promoted in no time to lead a full-fledged team of experts.

Tell us something about your learnings while working in Tech Mahindra Business Services.

My route in this journey had some abrupt moves wherein I travelled to different companies to uplift and explore some abilities under experienced officials. Working with renowned personalities was a dream come true for me when I reached the Tech Mahindra Business Services stopover.

Tech Mahindra was a company that used to always put in the efforts for the employee’s appreciation, certifications, and uplifting skills to understand business and people. While working here, I received multiple awards that were the proofs of my determination towards business up-gradation with 8 years tenure in my company.

How did Upstox help you to reach this level?

In my case, it was quite simple to understand the business at Upstox as we had down-to-earth founders who not only had a creative business-driven approach but also had an employee-centric mindset. Every employee has witnessed their higher officials working with a vision to enhance their business growth and also understand the importance of the consumer mindset.

Puneet Maheshwari (Director) who had been my mentor for the past 3 years has provided me with a vision of different approach dealings to enhance my abilities in how to create solutions to problems. My highly talented senior officials like Kavita, Kapil, Elvis, Amit, Vrashank, Rupa, Bhavya, and Vinit had driven me towards the future perspective analysis of business in sales.

A company becomes successful when they have individuals who put in proper efforts that would lead their organization towards escalating growth. One such personality was Deepali, who had made this happen with her hardworking qualities. She is the prime reason why Sachin Hosabettu is a part of Upstox. No matter how much you degrade or upgrade in life, you just need to go with the flow to enhance your skills and empower yourself with the attainment of positive vibes.

Just skyrocket your abilities with such acquaintances and run towards your dreams. Being a loyalist towards my company, I would want you to check out our application Upstox (#StartKarkeDekho).

How was your family’s reaction when you received this award?

My wife Jackline and daughter Samaira were very happy as they both have been a part of my career as well. I love the fact that they support me in every decision I make and that’s what drives me towards the successful path.

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