Hi, Start Practicing This Epic Skeleton Makeup Now

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Photo credit: Chrisspy - YouTube

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It's the night before the Halloween party your friend invited you to weeks ago, but you still don't have a costume. Sound familiar? Don't worry, we've all been there. Instead of falling down a rabbit hole of YouTube tutorials only to paint on a couple cat whiskers and call it a day, check out this last-minute Halloween makeup idea, courtesy of beauty vlogger Chrisspy, that's surprisingly easy to pull off.

In this eight-minute video, Chrisspy breaks down a beyond epic skeleton makeup tutorial that looks ridiculously cool and complex, but with a little patience and these easy-to-follow steps, you'll totally be able to handle it. Pour yourself a glass of wine, queue up "Monster Mash," and prepare to transform into a spooky-ass skeleton in seven steps. Oh, and while Chrisspy's got the bottom half of your face covered, can I suggest finishing off the look with a sick smokey eye and a pair of falsies? Great.

Step 1: Paint your face

Photo credit: Chrisspy - YouTube

First things first: Grab some white face paint (or costume makeup) and a flat foundation brush. You're going to want to follow the curves of your eye sockets and sweep the white face paint toward the bottom half of your face (lips included). Sure, you'll look a little ghostly, but you're officially on your way to becoming The Walking Dead extra of your dreams.

Step 2: Draw your nose

Photo credit: Chrisspy - YouTube

Before filling in your nose with black face paint, use an angled eyeliner brush to make a clear outline (this will keep you from painting too far down and needing to clean up). Then, fill in your nose and outline your eye sockets.

Step 3: Outline your jaw

Photo credit: Chrisspy - YouTube

Next, swap your eyeliner brush for a nice, fluffy eyeshadow brush and fill in the inside of your lower lip with black face paint. To create a base for your skeleton teeth, draw a line from the corners of your mouth to the middle of your cheeks. Now, shade in the area a few inches below your ears (where you can feel your jaw hinge). Remember to leave the space around your mouth white, so you can fill in your "teeth" later.

Step 4: Outline your teeth

Photo credit: Chrisspy - YouTube

With that same brush, paint a black line from the base of your nose all the way down to middle of your chin. Pro tip: Make sure you don't have a ton of product on your brush-it's way easier to go back and add more paint than to wipe it off and start over. Keep drawing lines (there's going to be 17 total) across the horizontal outline you drew earlier from the corners of your mouth.

Step 5: Detail your teeth

Photo credit: Chrisspy - YouTube

Now it's time to grab that black eyeshadow that's been hiding in the bottom of your makeup bag. Use your thin eyeshadow brush again to reshape the lines so that they look like real teeth. And the space between each tooth (aka where your gums would be) should be shaded in with black eyeshadow. Depending on how spooky you want to look, you can go back over the lines to emphasize them and make them look bolder.

Step 6: Add 3D shading

Photo credit: Chrisspy - YouTube

More black eyeshadow! This time, you're going to shade it in along the top and bottom of your jawline and under your eye sockets (you know, to make it look like you have cheekbones).

Step 7: Final details

Photo credit: Chrisspy - YouTube

If you're really about that undead life, use your black eyeshadow and thin eyeliner brush to add tiny cracks at the bottom of your chin. You can start with a light sketch, and then go back and darken the cracks once you've created a look that you're into.

Photo credit: Chrisspy - YouTube

And you're done! Throw on a cute black outfit, take a selfie, and get ready for the Instagram likes to roll in.

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