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Newark, New Jersey. 25 August 2021. GLOBE NEWSWIRE ---

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The fashion industry is worth billions of dollars. This industry is expected to grow in 2021. Despite the Covid-19 restrictions, people are still embracing the latest fashion trends. Humans are by nature fashionable. They love looking good. It is unfortunate but people judge others based on appearance.

Over the last few years, the team at Size up Apparel has observed that customers are looking for the latest fashion trends. No one wants to look outdated. It is always good to be the most fashionable person in the crowd.

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In a recent analysis that was done at Size up Apparel, 2021 fashion trends were determined based on several metrics. Some of the trends of the past are making a comeback. There are also new trends that have never been seen before.

The Sweater Vest

According to fashion aficionados at Size up Apparel, the sweater vest will be a popular style for men and women in 2021. Most people will prefer sweater vests with some detailing and texture rather than the plain varieties. If the weather is warm, a sweater vest can be worn with nothing underneath. Matching a sweater vest with loose-fit jeans will create the ultimate look for 2021.

Skinny Jeans

Size up Apparel predicts that skinny jeans will hold a special place in 2021. Expect to see more of boyfriend jeans and mom jeans. These were already a big thing in 2020 and that will continue in 2020. With the onset of the coronavirus lockdown, people started being more informal as they were spending most of their time at home. That made informal styles such as skinny jeans popular.

It is important to properly match the skinny jeans. A white t-shirt will do the trick. White is a universal color that easily matches with other colors. It is also worth considering a tailored blazer.

Printed Pants

The age of plain jeans is long gone. In 2021, expect to see trousers and jeans in amazing florals, zebra stripes, and checkerboard prints. This is a prediction that is supported by most experts at Size up Apparel. Printed pants come in different fabrics including wool, corduroy, and denim. They make it easy to stand out from the crowd.

90s Revival

Fashion trends of the 90s are making a huge comeback. That is according to experts at Size up Apparel. Expect to see more maxi-length cardigans and baguette bags among other 90s trends in 2021. Don't be surprised when seeing people wearing ankle socks with sneakers. The 90s was a time of a fashion renaissance. The trends of the 90s will likely continue reappearing in the future.


2021 is the year of black-and-white. This color combo will be very popular. A white top can be matched with a mini skirt with black details. To add more elegance, it is advisable to add statement earrings, belts, and scarves.

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