Six video game Kickstarters: Watercolor painting pup 'Chicory,' cyberpunk MMO 'Zenith,' a tiny Nintendo Switch dock, more

Check out six crowdfunding video game projects wrapping up in September 2019, from watercolor wonderland "Chicory," fitness app "Alter Titan," the Ancient Egypt-inspired puzzle "Hourglass," and four-color retro owl-oriented adventure "Down Ward" to ambitious cyberpunk VR MMO "Zenith" and Genki's miniaturized TV Dock and charger for the Nintendo Switch.

Ends September 9

A first-person puzzle adventure with high-tech and ancient Egyptian motifs, 4-5 hours in length but with plenty of optional extras to keep players occupied. Free demo available from, full game expected November 2020 on PC, Alpha access in early 2020; PS4, XBO and Switch editions are among its stretch goals.

Down Ward
Ends September 10

Gable, a little owl, sets off to restore a ruined land by activating dormant relics hidden throughout the Deep Wilds. She can fly for as long as she has forward momentum -- so avoid obstacles and specters -- using a hidden blade to repel enemies or activate moving blocks. Playable prototype available from, full PC game expected December 2020.

Genki Covert Dock
Ends September 14

A miniaturized, plug-sized charging station and TV Out converter for the Nintendo Switch, meaning that owners won't have to carry around the full-sized official TV Dock thanks to an integrated HDMI port. Quality components are intended to eliminate the risk of shorting out the Switch, while the unit itself is compatible with a number of other USB-C and USB 3.1 devices as well. Estimated delivery January 2020.

Chicory: A Colorful Tale
Ends September 14

When beloved artist hare Chicory disappears, along with all the color in Picnic Province, it's up to her biggest fan, a cute dog called Pizza, to wield The Brush and bring the colors back. A collaboration between "Wandersong" creator Greg Lobanov, "Untitled Goose Game" sound designer Em Halberstadt, "Tom & Jerry Show" artist Alexis Dean-Jones, and comics artist Madeleine Berger. Projected for August 2021 on Mac and PC with "consoles and other devices" a possibility for later.

Alter Titan: RPG Game
Ends September 18

Muscle building and fitness suite with a sci-fi story and an avatar that can be customized by achieving various exercise goals -- players' in-game characters gain muscle mass and level up in accordance with real-world progress, or atrophy if neglected. Designed for wearable fitness trackers and anticipated for June 2021 with alpha testing estimated for June 2020.

Zenith: The Cyberpunk MMO
Ends September 26

An ambitious project from new studio Ramen VR, whose co-founders worked on multiplayer VR shooter "Conjure Strike": a massively multiplayer, virtual reality role-playing game with strong animé influences and cross-play between two different VR and desktop PC versions. Announced for August 2020, Alpha access to begin early 2020.