Six Flags is resurrecting its 30-hour coffin challenge

Six Flags 30-Hour Coffin Challenge

Six Flags is bringing back its macabre 30-hour coffin challenge, but this year it's upping the fright factor. 

When Six Flags launched its coffin competition last year for the first time, more than 25,000 signed up to the challenge, which required participants to "play dead" for 30 hours in a coffin. 

Following its viral success last year, the theme park company has resurrected the event, this time doubling the prize money from $300 USD to $600 USD and upping the fear factor by adding reptiles and cockroaches to the coffins. 

The event is part of Fright Fest, a Halloween festival that is banned for kids 13 and under after 6 pm. 

To participate, thrill-seekers must sign a waiver, have a clean bill of health and come with their own sleeping bag, pillows and blankets. 

Participants are allowed one bathroom break every three hours, food and drink. The coffins are "slightly used" and have been selected by undertakers. 

A series of ghoulish elimination challenges will weed out contestants. 

The final body to rise after the full 30 hours have elapsed will receive a cash prize of $600 and season passes. 

For a list of participating Six Flags parks in the US and how to sign up, visit