Siti Elizad moved by Tunku Azizah's words of encouragement

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2 Jul – Siti Elizad Sharifuddin couldn't believe her good fortune after she received a call from Her Majesty Raja Permaisuri Agong Tunku Azizah herself following her recent heartbreak.

On 30 June, the actress revealed that Her Majesty contacted her after reading the news about her recent issue with fertility and how a netizen had made a comment about the unsuccessful attempts in her previous in-vitro fertilisation efforts and called her "barren".

"It really touched my heart to have this beautiful call, Your Majesty. I was moved, surprised, everything. It was like a dream to be given the opportunity to speak to you, whom I consider an idol in my IVF journey. You really do care with my story despite me being a nobody," she posted.

Elizad revealed that Tunku Azizah has also given her words of encouragement, and shared about her own struggles with fertility issues in the past.

"There are no words that I can say. I was so happy to be able to speak to a beloved queen like you... Thank you, Your Majesty. Really made my day," Elizad added.

It broke her heart to be called barren
It broke her heart to be called barren

She also stressed that her IVF stories are only for those who are interested to know or are facing the same experience, and that people who are not interested should not be spreading hate against those who are on such a difficult journey.

Elizad previously expressed her anger against the said netizen for not only calling her barren but also claimed that the reason why she is still childless was because she "doesn't pray" nor "cover her aurah", sparking anger among many.

Siti Elizad and husband Shamsul Baharin were married in 2015
Siti Elizad and husband Shamsul Baharin were married in 2015

(Photo Source: Siti Elizad Instagram)

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