Sisley Choi denies dating Hubert Wu

13 Dec – Sisley Choi has recently dismissed rumours linking her romantically to singer-actor Hubert Wu, her co-star in "Battle for the Exorcist's Meter" (also known as "The Exorcist's Meter 2.0").

As reported on On CC, the actress, who appeared at the costume fitting press conference for her new series, "Legal Mavericks 2", clarified previous rumours that sparked after they were spotted together on three different occasions, saying that she and Hubert are just friends.

"It's just a group of friends hanging out together. The two of us have a lot of mutual friends," she said.

Sisley added that she and Hubert have been close since two years ago, after appearing on a game show together and later worked on the series, "Young Charioteers".

Asked what she thinks of Hubert, Sisley simply replied, "He's a good singer", and declined to say whether there is a chance for them to develop their relationship further.

"If there is any good news about myself, I will announce it on social media. But he and I are just good friends," she said.

(Photo Source: On CC)