Sire Ma announces marriage

11 Jan – Former controversial TVB actress Sire Ma recently announced that she is now a married woman.

As reported on Apple Daily, the actress shared the good news on social media, although declined to share the identity of her husband as he is not part of showbiz.

When contacted for more details, Sire expressed her gratitude for everybody's blessings but stressed that she wants to keep it private.

"I hope everyone can give us some space," she added.

When asked about rumours that she has now changed her career from showbiz to insurance, the "Bullet Brain" actress said that she got interested in the field after filming a series about finance.

"I went to get a license soon after. I didn't change careers. I am only doing it part time," she said.

Sire Ma was considered one of the more promising actresses in TVB in early 2010s when she got herself entangled in several scandals - including being accused as the third party in female producer Wang Ziqi's marriage with wife Laura Lee.

(Photo Source: Sire Ma Instagram)