Singapore's breakfast comfort food chain Ya Kun opens new outlet in Tokyo

The new Ya Kun Kaya Toast outlet in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan opening officially in July 2020. (Photos: Twitter/@tessei213)

Singapore is known as a food paradise and it is no wonder that some of our local delights like chicken rice and laksa have found their way to restaurants in other countries. One more to add to the list recently is none other than Ya Kun Kaya Toast, which has opened an outlet in Tokyo, Japan.

Bringing Singaporean kopi and teh (coffee and tea) to the land of the rising sun, the Ya Kun Kaya Toast in Shinjuku serves up similar menu items as the Singapore outlets. The only difference might just be the prices. The kaya toast with butter set will set you back by 860 yen (about S$11), and a bowl of mee rebus will cost you 1,120 yen (about S$15). For comparison, you can get each item at less than S$5 in Singapore.

However, as part of the opening promotion, prices have been significantly reduced by around 40%. The kaya toast with butter set is available at 490yen (about S$6), while a bowl of mee rebus costs 680yen (about S$9).

Although it is nice to see people from other countries enjoying our very own kaya toast, Japanese Twitter user @tessei213 has clarified that the Shinjuku outlet is in a “pre-opening" stage currently and will only serve drinks. Food items are said to be available after the grand opening in July.

This is actually not the first time Ya Kun Kaya Toast has made their mark in Japan. They had previously opened outlets in Tokyo a decade ago, but they closed a few years ago.

Ya Kun has also opened outlets in China, Indonesia, Myanmar, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and the Philippines.

This newly opened Shinjuku outlet seems promising, but can it live up to Singapore’s standards and survive in the cafe-abundant Tokyo, or will it meet the same fate as its previous outlets there? What do you think?

Ya Kun Kaya Toast Shinjuku Sumitomo Building
Shinjuku Sumitomo Building
Basement Level 1, B-7
2 Chome-6-1
Nishi-shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Tel. 03-6258-1358