Singaporean wears Superman costume on his wedding day

Nurul Azliah
Senior Lifestyle Reporter
The couple posing at a car park near the bride’s home. (Photo: Huz Studio)

We’ve seen Storm Troopers and Power Rangers crashing weddings in Singapore. But have you seen Superman getting married here?

On 17 December, Afieq Alauddien donned the striking red, yellow and blue costume, along with the signature hair curl, for a photoshoot with his bride, Cheryl Tong, on their wedding day.

They posed for a memorable photo at a parking space near the bride’s home, and were later joined by the groomsmen, who donned costumes of the Flash and characters from the “Journey to the West” classic, Sun Wukong (Monkey King), Xuanzang and Sha Wujing.

The couple were joined by the groomsmen, who wore costumes of the Flash and characters from the “Journey to the West”. (Photo: Huz Studio)

“The idea came from the groom. He wanted to surprise the bride, who was born in the year of monkey,” said photographer Huzaini Ibrahim, 37, of Huz Studio. Huzaini is also a friend and former colleague of Afieq.

“The groom was initially supposed to arrive as Sun Wukong for the gatecrashing. However, after much thought, the boys decided to give it a fresh twist by combining heroes from both East and West,” added Huzaini, during a recent phone interview with Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore. Superman also turned out to be Cheryl’s favourite superhero character.

The idea came from the groom, who wanted to surprise the bride. (Photo: Huz Studio)

Huzaini is a freelance photographer, and has also taken shots for a separate wedding in Singapore that featured characters from popular ’90s television show “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers”.

For both weddings, Huzaini wasn’t aware of the respective pop culture themes until the actual day.

“I would usually meet the couples in advance to find out the itinerary for their wedding day. I don’t know why they wouldn’t tell me about the costumes ahead of time,” he said.

So why are more couples in Singapore injecting pop culture references to their nuptials? For the sake of a viral-worthy wedding, perhaps?

“It depends on the individual. A lot of them do it because they are genuine fans. If you’re not a fan and you wear costumes at your wedding, it’s going to turn out awkward,” said Huzaini.


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