Singaporean model and actress Kelly Tandiono on her involvement with Bali's SwimRun to save the environment

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Bali Hope SwimRun 2018

Bali, a popular tourist destination in Indonesia, receives up to some 6 million tourists annually, so you could imagine the impact we leave on the beautiful island, and it’s not just our footprints. Earlier on this month, a group of 20 individuals came together to compete in Bali’s first SwimRun fundraising event, with a target of US$60,000.

Proceeds raised from this event will go towards the needed upgrades and expansion of Nusa Lembongan’s only recycling centre run by the charity partner Friends of Lembongan, to cope with the ever increasing demand of trash collection and waste management. An equal share of the funds raised will go to the award-winning charity partner Bali Children Foundation, to assist with their environmental awareness program being delivered to schools on both islands.

One of the participants was Singaporean model and actress Kelly Tandiono, 32, where her test of strength and endurance was put to the challenging open water and trail. We got her thoughts about her participation in this event via email. Here’s what she had to say.

Kelly Tandiono upon finishing the race. (Photo: Bali Hope SwimRun)

Why participate in the SwimRun event?

Since I was a kid I always love the sound of the ocean. I always wondered what it would be like if I’m a little mermaid swimming freely with all the beautiful creatures under the sea. I told myself I wanted to be a swimmer so my parents threw me inside the pool since I was 3 and started to swam competitively in school and even won a few medals. Of course being adventurous, I started to go into diving and freediving, my childhood dream came true. Then one day while I went swimming in the sea, I saw a dead turtle that was caught in some plastic wrap, had washed up ashore, I felt really sad and I couldn’t do anything. I know by joining Bali Hope SwimRun 2018 I can help battle plastic pollution and save the oceans’ ecosystem. I, Kelly Tandiono, can make a difference and hope to see more beautiful creatures under the sea.

Why is Bali so special?

Why is this so special to me – I have been going there since I was a kid and my dad has businesses there as well; we have land there and he has a factory too. So we used to go a lot to the sea with my family so Bali is really dear to me. It is a place where I always escape to.

Kelly Tandiono. (Photo: Bali Hope SwimRun)

What’s the plan in achieving this goal?

I did complete the 10k run recently – I know that this time we are going to run 17k and 2.5k swimming. My plan is to just enjoy the race – to me, it’s not just a race, it is for charity – for us to battle plastic pollution in the ocean. My partner is Andy Wibowo (pictured left), so my plan is to get dragged I guess. No I’m kidding! I’m just going to have fun, I’m just going to swim. I’m just going to swim (laughs) next to my super fast partner. I’m just going to complete it. And just enjoy the race.

How will you be preparing for the race?

Mentally and physically. Mentally I’m not so sure if I am prepared, because my partner is a shark. But I’m sure he is going to help me a lot by dragging me. And physically, I have been training, so my daily routine would be: I do a mix of swimming, running and also cycling, so I just do as much as I can.

What’s your exercise schedule like?

Usually on Monday I would go, say in the morning, cycling, from 5 to 7am, for about 2 hours. Then Tuesday I go running, sometimes evenings or in the mornings, also for about 2 hours. The rest of my workout would be strength training and core training. Then a lot of stretching. Wednesday I’ll swim, usually for about an hour. All depends on my schedule because I have to divide my time between my shoots and exercise. So I just practise or just train as much as I can for this race.

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Bali Hope SwimRun
Bali Hope SwimRun
Bali Hope SwimRun
Bali Hope SwimRun
Bali Hope SwimRun
Bali Hope SwimRun
Bali Hope SwimRun
Bali Hope SwimRun
Bali Hope SwimRun