Singaporean DJ Joshua Simon releases 2nd single 'Paradise'

(Photo: Umami Records)

You might know KISS 92’s Joshua Simon from his show “Josh’s Good Night Kiss” or “that guy who had his mohawk ruffled by Hugh Jackman”, but did you know he’s also on a journey to make his own unique music in Singapore?

His second single, “Paradise” (preview here), was released on Friday (24 Feb) on Apple Music and Spotify via Umami Records.

It features Simon’s lyrics and vocals along with production and arrangement crafted by electronica artist Evan Low from Evanturetime and Jon Chua from the Sam Willows.

The Indian-Chinese singer-songwriter told Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore he felt “naked” after the release of his second single.

“I’ve never sang like that before, and to now have it be public domain, it’s very liberating,” Simon said, adding that he had written “Paradise” while on the rooftop of his office with a guitar.

“But also, there’s an element of shame in there, just like being naked,” he said.

“Paradise” will also be part of Simon’s upcoming album, with more details coming together with the music video.

Simon, who draws inspirations from 90s experimental pop music, has previously collaborated with local Singaporean and other Southeast Asian artists, including Nathan Hartono, Gareth Fernandez, Tabitha Nauser, Evanturetime and iNCH.

He released his first single “MURDA” in 2016.

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