With these 10 meal kits, you too can whip up a restaurant-quality dish from the comfort of home

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SINGAPORE – Without a doubt, cooking comes with its own unbridled joys. There's a certain satisfaction you get from seeing raw ingredients transformed into a dish, especially when you're a novice cook just starting to feel your way around the kitchen. 

But, behind every successful dish, is the tedious food prep and the dreaded cleaning up after. It truly is the unglamorous side of food creation many tend to not want to come to terms with especially when you're dining in a restaurant. 

Fortunately, there are people who heard the woes of all aspiring cooks and have come up with the brilliant meal kit—a build-your-own meal concept that makes cooking effortless by taking out all the guesswork in the food prep. There's still a bit of cleaning up, but hey, that's already 50% less things to do. Here are 10 places to start. 


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(PHOTO: Prepped)

Prepped prides themselves on a meal kit service with no lock-in pricing and subscription—you pay for what you want, when you want. All their meal kits cook in as little as five minutes and are vacuum-packed and sold on the same day for maximum freshness. The menu refreshes itself every Wednesday with dishes like Triple Mushroom Braise, Chipotle Peri-Peri Chicken and Veggies, and Quick braised Beef Bulgogi. 

Prepped’s meal kits come with pre-portioned marinated meat, Washed and chopped vegetables, Sauce and garnishes, and cooking instructions on the label. Aluminium trays are also included for all oven kits.

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(PHOTO: Cookin1)

According to its website, “Cookin1 aims to provide Singaporean families the opportunity to enjoy wholesome home-cooked meals minus the planning, shopping and thus providing a hassle-free experience.” 

Here, everything you need to whip up a restaurant-quality meal from home has been carefully curated and locally sourced. Cookin1 believes that meal kits are a great way to reduce raw ingredients wastage—a noble cause given the amount of food waste Singapore produces has increased by 20% over the past decade.

Cookin1 offers meal plans that serve 2 or 4 people and starts at an affordable price of S$75.60 per month. Their current Circuit Breaker bundle is not to be missed. Priced at S$59.90, it serves four to five people and comes with two meal kits and one baking kit.

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Fairmont & Swissôtel

(PHOTO: Fairmont & Swissôtel)

The culinary team at Fairmont & Swissôtel has developed a weekly meal kit that makes meal planning a walk in the park. Each kit comes with all the ingredients needed for the dish, an easy-to-follow recipe card, and a complimentary side of Aquaponics salad that is 100% grown and harvested at the hotel’s very own Aquaponics Farm. It really doesn’t get any fresher than this.

Choose from recipe kits that include the Assam Pedas Tilapia, Beef Mayo Tofu, and Dingle Dell Pork Belly. You can also choose from a list of wines, hand-picked by Fairmont & Swissôtel’s Head Sommelier, David Fiori, to pair with your meal kits.

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Butcher Boy

(PHOTO: Butcher Boy)

Anything that comes jam-packed in a box like this is sure to be fun to assemble. If you’re feeling tired and bored of takeouts, Butcher Boy offers a Build-a-Bao kit that makes making your own slice of Butcher Boy baos easy and completely effortless. Their fillets can be baked or air-fried to a crisp and golden perfection and when stuffed into the provided big, white fluffy baos are almost as good as having them in the restaurant itself. 

Each Build-a-Bao comes with all the ingredients and sauces you need to assemble a Buttermilk Chicken and a Pork Katsu Croquette Bao. 

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Tim’s Fine Catering

(PHOTO: Tim’s Fine Catering)

If a restaurant-quality meal is what you’re craving, look no further than Tim’s Fine Catering. Here, Chef Tim has curated a three-course meal kit for you to live up your dining out fantasies like it’s still January pre-Circuit Breaker. The meal kits also come with an accompanying video series where Chef Tim personally guides you through the cooking and plating process so you can dine in style at home.

Look forward to menu choices such as Wild Mushroom Soup Infused with Truffle Oil, Chives and Mushroom Duxelles for starters and a Salmon and Poached White Asparagus served with Hollandaise sauce, Ikura, Salicornia and Salmon Tataki for the mains. To end, Chef Tim will guide you through the plating of a dessert that is sure to leave your stay-home date thoroughly impressed.

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(PHOTO: Preludio)

At fine dining establishment, Preludio, the meal kit is razer focused on an appreciation for the best ingredients you can find from around the world. The Preludio box serves a party of 4 and comes with a breathtaking array of dishes that elevates the dining-in experience at home.

It comes with 2 Rye bread rolls with mushroom glaze and homemade onion butter, La Cortina signature pasta ingredients (with cooking instructions, of course), Wagyu beef short rib with a marbling score of 8 that has been rubbed and roasted, a 24-hour slow-roasted Iberian Pork Presa, Foie Gras Pâté, aged Comté Cheese, and a selection of pastry curated by Pastry Chef Elena. 

While you’re at it, you may want to consider adding on an alcoholic beverage or two from Preludio’s fine selection of whisky and sake selection to really complete the fine dining experience from the comfort and safety of home. There’s also a mini box—a downsized version of the original that serves a small party of two.

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Bake at Home with Janice Wong

(PHOTO: Bake at Home)

Bake At Home with Janice Wong Singapore, as its name suggests, is a new baking concept that gives bakers everything they need to bake from home. The idea started with the objective of spending quality time with family and finding joy in baking again.

To that end, Bake at Home has curated several premix packs that simplify the process simply by adding fats, milk, and an egg into a bowl and mixing everything in until well-combined. Pop into the oven and bask in the heady aromas of bakes such as chocolate chip cookies, red velvet cake, and a sugar-free chocolate cake. It is sure to bring all the boys to the yard.

In fact, why limit yourself to only one or two premixes when you can get a bundle of six that comes with chocolate chip cookie, madeleine, chocolate cake, chocolate financier, cupcake, and butter financier. It’s baking heaven I say!

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(PHOTO: Creamery)

Creamery is a Bangkok import with five outlets in Thailand, two in Malaysia and one in Singapore. They are a boutique ice cream parlour that sells luscious scoops of ice cream served on a cookie base that overflows with a lava centre. Customers can choose from 4 cookie sets—Classic Brownie, Choc-A-Lot, Monster Matcha, and Red Devil—topped with an ice cream flavour of your choosing.

Now, you too can enjoy this dramatic presentation of lava flowing forth from a cookie base from the safety of home. Creamery is offering cookie sets that come with both the uncooked cookie dough and ice cream. There’s also a simple video tutorial online where they’ll show you how to bake the cookie dough in an air-fryer

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Cookyn Inc

(PHOTO: Cookyn Inc)

Cookyn Inc differentiates itself from this meal kit pack by offering mains and desserts together in a pair. All their meal kit pairings come with recipes for the two dishes and ingredients for four people. The cuisine ranges from local Singaporean favourites—Hainanese Chicken RIce and Kueh Dadar—to a more international offering of Chicken Cordon Bleu with Mashed Potatoes, and a dessert of Banoffee Trifle. Their roster of new recipes change every Thursday, so keep your eyes peeled for more innovative and familiar meals you can make easily from home.

Apart from selling meal kits, Cookyn Inc is also adept at organising team building activities for your company. Do give them a consideration for your next department team bonding event.

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Bar Cicheti

(PHOTO: Bar Cicheti)

Gather ‘round pasta lovers! Local pasta bar, Bar Cicheti is offering up DIY Pasta Kits so that you can bring a taste of Cicheti home with you. It’s almost like having Chef Lim Yew Aun in the kitchen, guiding you every step of the way.

On offer are three Pasta Kits that starts at S$15—Tagliatelle Pasta Kit comes with flat ribbons of egg pasta with the option of Beef Bolognese, Lamb Ragu with porcine, or Arrabiata sauce; Pappardelle Pasta Kit comes with a wide pasta that’s goes great with the option of wither Lamb Ragu with porcine or Beef Bolognese, and Casarecce Pasta Kit comes with short twists of pasta with the option of Arrabiata or Basil Pesto sauce.

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