Singapore weekenders, don’t miss this single malt cocktail party on the lawn of neighborhood-fave Chijmes


Listen up, folks. We know how to spot a good event to imbibe cocktails when we see one on our drink-o-meter. And you’d be glad to know it’s coming right up this weekend — in fact, it’s starting from Wednesday, April 17 to Sunday, April 21. And we have a pleasant surprise (hint: freebies!) in store when you finish reading this.

The people behind Scotland’s praised single malt scotch Auchentoshan (pronounced Ok-ken-to-shan, but don’t worry if your Scottish accent isn’t on point, neither is ours) are bringing their A-game to the neo-classic landmark on Victoria Street, Chijmes.

Auchentoshan promises a different drinking experience from your typical bars with this lawn party. First of all, you get to make your own single malt cocktails (we trust your bartender skills will be on point).

For a mere SG$10, you can DIY your cocktail by following easy, tutorial-like steps to create 4 signature variations: Chai Me To The Moon, Lowland Spring (we’ll explain why lowland is key in a minute), Tokyo Shoga, and Glasgow Sour.

Otherwise, if you just want to grab a drink, sit back, and enjoy April’s evening vibes, Auchentoshan’s bartender will serve up your cocktail request for SG$12 — consider it a small sum to spend for not making a mess in front of your date.

If the name Auchentoshan rings a bell, you already have a head start to a good time, but for those hearing it for the first (certainly not the last) time, it’s a fine-grade single malt whisky from Glasgow — the lower half of Scotland, aka the lowlands. (Get it?)

Triple-distillation gives this dark amber liquid citrus, nutty, and spicy flavor notes with a delicious hint of vanilla. The smoothness comes from its authentic approach to achieve maturation. If that sounds impressive, wait till you sip it.

If we still have your attention, you’re in luck — we’re legit giving away 10 lawn party feasts and we’re not holding back, folks. We repeat, this is not a drill!

Each winner is getting 4 glasses of DIY Auchentoshan cocktails, a yummy platter to pair with your drinks, and 2 Auchentoshan minis to enjoy back home. Don’t forget the first rule of a party (in case you need reminding) is to bring your pals along for the ride — the more, the merrier. And BYOB doesn’t apply here, folks.

How to win? The rules are simple, just email us at with the subject line “Auchentoshan giveaway” and the answer to this question: How many times is Auchentoshan distilled? Don’t forget to tell us your full name, IC number, and mobile phone number, too.

If you have other plans, this is definitely the time to change ‘em up. Save the dates for Auchentoshan’s lawn party at Chijmes — April 17-21, 2019 (6pm to 10:30pm daily, and 2pm to 7pm on April 21). Stay tuned to the Facebook event page here and tag your moments with #auchentoshan.

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