Singapore teens film themselves vaping on Sentosa cable car ride, reported to the police

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A group of teenagers sabotaged themselves by uploading a video of them smoking and vaping in a cable car recently.

Cable car operator Mount Faber Leisure Group told reporters yesterday that they have reported the trio to the police after a 10-minute video was posted on TikTok showing one vaping and another smoking in the Sentosa cable car.

“Smoking is strictly prohibited in cable car cabins and ‘no smoking’ signs are displayed at all cable car stations and cabins. Offenders will be held accountable to the authorities,” the operator’s spokespeople said.

The TikTok account, which posted the video way back on Jan. 28, has since been privatized.

In the video filmed by one of the teens, a boy was seen taking out his vape from his bag while another took out a pack of cigarettes and starts lighting it up to smoke.

Vapes are illegal in Singapore. Those caught purchasing, using or owning one can face fines of up to S$2,000.

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