Singapore’s Tallest Outdoor Play Feature At The Former Big Splash In East Coast Park Is Now Open!

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There’s a new outdoor family-friendly destination on the island with play areas for the kids to enjoy! The National Parks Board (NParks) just opened Coastal PlayGrove with Singapore’s tallest outdoor play feature where the former Big Splash site was located.

The popular landmark at East Coast Park was redeveloped into a 4.5-hectare outdoor play area complete with a water play area as well as retail and dining offerings.

What To Do At East Coast Park: Family-Friendly Activities At Coastal PlayGrove

Image source: National Parks website

The new Coastal PlayGrove that has been opened since Sunday (March 28) features a 16m-high Play Tower, which is a reconstruction of the iconic Big Splash tower.

The attraction also has the first outdoor classroom by the sea and a nature playgarden that younger kids will enjoy.

Not only that but NParks has announced that they are planning to start new 15km nature trail along East Coast Park. This will connect existing and upcoming gardens, nature playgardens as well as forest patches.

In their recent media release, Nparks says, “Coastal PlayGrove and the upcoming nature trail will offer more diverse recreational opportunities at East Coast Park, ranging from active play to tranquil nature-based interactions for families and the general public.”

“This will help to redistribute crowds across Singapore’s largest park,” they add.

Play Tower: Singapore’s Tallest Outdoor Play Feature

Image source: Facebook / NParks

The Play Tower at Coastal PlayGrove stands 16m-high making it the tallest outdoor play feature in Singapore. As the main structure of the new development, it features a vertical net play area, slides, and a water play area.

The Vertical Challenge is complete with fun play activities such as stepping pods, hammocks, hoop maze, zig-zag bridge, ball step traverse, wobble link, grip wall, wave traverse, and disc swings.

“The design concept of the Vertical Challenge revolves around the theme of waves and shores, in line with the waterpark and coastal heritage of East Coast Park,” says NParks.

The structure is painted in the same vibrant colours as the previous water slides of the Big Splash and visitors can enjoy a day of scaling up its obstacles to reach the very top.

You can also slide down in the tower’s two tube slides on the third and fourth floors with heights of 7.3m and 11.9m.

Since Coastal PlayGrove still retains its waterpark theme, kids can also splash around in its inclusive water play area that has a wading pool and jets of water. At night, these jets of water illuminate in different colours.

The Vertical Challenge and the water play area in this establishment are open Tuesdays to Sundays from 8am to 8pm.

Nature Playgarden

what to do at east coast park
what to do at east coast park

Image source: National Parks website

The park’s nature playgarden is interwoven into the landscape and is a perfect place for kids to play, surrounded by nature. This immersive part of Coastal PlayGrove features several themed parts for families to explore together. These include:

  • A bamboo tunnel trail for your child to walkthrough

  • Log trails for them to hop on

  • Teepees where they can hideout in imaginative play

  • A trail that leads to a sandpit which is planted with native shrubs to attract biodiversity

All this allows children to play while surrounded by a mix of exotic shrubs that attract butterflies as well as native plants meant to mimic the native forest habitat.

An Outdoor Classroom By The Sea

what to do at east coast park
what to do at east coast park

Image source: National Parks website

You can also take your kids to an outdoor classroom by the sea made for pre-schoolers. This area of Coastal PlayGrove has a chalkboard with boulders and log stools meant to mimic an actual classroom. All the while you can enjoy a view of the sea.

This allows preschools nearby to include more programming options since they can now conduct activities in this outdoor classroom. Along with this, they can also explore the nature playgarden next door and its many interesting plants.

Upcoming Nature Trail Along The Entire Length Of East Coast Park

what to do at east coast park
what to do at east coast park

Image source: Facebook / NParks

Nparks announces that they have plans for a nature trail of approximately 15km and will be created over the next 10 years. It will run from Gardens by the Bay to Changi.

“This includes new therapeutic gardens that will be created in Areas D and F, new nature playgardens in Areas E and F to complement those at Coastal PlayGrove, Cyclist Park and Raintree Cove, and new trails in various forest patches in East Coast Park,” explains NParks.

They also hope for this to bring people closer to nature and for them to have a more “tranquil, nature-based experience within East Coast Park.”

So if you’re around the area and still deciding what to do at East Coast Park, this could be a great way to spend some meaningful bonding time with the family. Bring the kids along for a sunny day out and enjoy the brand new Coastal PlayGrove with all its fun attractions!


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